The Ultimate Guide to UWELL Vape Pod Systems

by Wilbert

The vaping industry has recently gained a lot of popularity. The sector continues to grow at lightning speed as practitioners introduce new devices at a steady pace. UWELL is one of the leading companies in the vaping industry. The brand provides various wholesale vapor supplies, including UWELL vape pod systems. To untrained eyes, most vaping equipment looks the same. However, products like vape pods have distinctive characteristics.

A guide to UWELL vape pod systems

Vape pod systems being the latest vaping products now stand out significantly from their counterparts. Vapers praise them for their ease of use and easy maintenance. Whether you are familiar with vape pods or are hearing of them for the first time, below are some things you should know.

What is a vape pod system?

A vape pod is vaping equipment with a removable container or pod that holds e-juice. The pod is typically coupled with a replaceable coil attached to the battery or body. In simple terms, a vape pod system is portable and discreet vaping equipment almost as powerful as an advanced vape mod. This equipment comes in various ranges, shapes, and styles. You just need to go for what suits you. The functionality of the vape pod depends on the brand you go for since different brands focus on various features.

How do vape pods work?

When you power the device, the battery fires the coil inside the pod. This causes the e-juice inside the body to turn to vapor and create a smooth vapor. Next, you inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece attached to the vape pod. It is worth mentioning that a vape pod can only hold up a particular amount of e-juice based on its capacity. For instance, the Kalmia pod system, one of the UWELL vape pods, accommodates 1.6ml of e-liquid. The vape pods fit perfectly in your arm and are pretty smooth. Rechargeable batteries power the pod systems.

How do vape pods differ from other vaping equipment?

Experts recommend basic vape pens for vaping newbies because of their simplicity, ease of use and maintenance, portability, and affordability. However, as you get used to vape pens, you notice their limitations. For instance, vape pens have lower battery life and power and do not allow customization. Therefore, most new vapers unsatisfied with vape pens often go for vape mods. They are high-powered, come with different complex settings, and are more beneficial. However, some people complain that vape mods are too powerful for beginners.

For this reason, companies like UWELL have suitable products for you. Vape pods are more potent than conventional e-cigs and vape pens. However, they are not as strong as mods.

Types of vape pods

There are two standard types of pod systems; closed and open vape pod systems. Closed pod systems come pre-filled with e-juice and are not refillable. On the other hand, open vape pod systems allow for a refill.


Pod systems are portable, easy to use, discreet, affordable, and easy to maintain. UWELL offers various vape pod designs and models. Therefore, there are options for everyone. Check out the site today to buy UWELL vape pod systems.

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