How to Maintain Your Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer

by Wilbert

You’ve probably been thinking that there will be a more significant innovation to wash your car and home surfaces in the coming years. Nothing is further from the truth as technology keeps advancing, and maybe there will be some improvement on the current pressure washing equipment. But here’s the thing: you will still need your Giraffe Tools pressure washer a decade later. Taking great care of this pressure washer can save you a few dollars in the future. But how do you achieve that?

Tips that will help you maintain your giraffe tools pressure washer

Maintenance of a pressure washer does not require you to have a lot of knowledge in mechanical engineering. As this article explains, it is a simple procedure, and your machine will still achieve optimal performance. Here’s what you should prioritize doing.

Check the nozzles or the spray-tip

Before using the machine, it is advisable to inspect the nozzle to determine if the connections to the high-pressure hose are secure. You should test the spray gun trigger to make sure it is functioning; otherwise, it would help to replace it following the manufacturer’s guide. Your nozzle plays a significant role in everything you do; it also influences the washing output.

Unclog the nozzles

During the cleaning process, some debris may find its way inside the nozzle that, if left unattended, may lead to damage. Before starting the cleaning process, you can open the nozzles and remove the debris. If damaged, you should replace them. Clogging waste also damages your delicate surfaces like the car’s surface.

Lubricate the connections

Due to friction while cleaning, the connections might start to wear out. Over time the rubbers may fail, thus exposing the machine to tear. You should regularly apply oil to the links to increase their lifespan by reducing friction. Doing so is easy, but you have to follow the manufacturer’s manual to do it right. Make sure you also use the recommended oil.

Mount on a wall

Giraffe Tool’s pressure washer can be easily mounted on a wall since it comes with a bracket and some screws. The long hose then is used to reach the furthest corner. That way, you will avoid some minor accidents while moving the machine around, which can damage the pressure washer. Not all machines allow you to mount it; in case there’s nowhere to mount it, have it on stable ground.

Keep it warm

The pressure washer is not used quite often at home. It could therefore remain in store for quite some time. Prolonged storage and cold weather may lead to dry rot or cause the pump system to crack. It is advisable to purchase a pump saver or follow the manufacturer’s manual on how to winterize your machine.


These maintenance practices are responsible for significantly increasing the lifespan of your machine. Even without frequent maintenance, the device performs to its best, but you have to be careful if you want a lengthy service. Frequent maintenance ensures that the machine is free from debris and safe to use as per the manufacturers’ guidance.

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