Services Offered By Private Wholesale Facial Products Manufacturers

by Wilbert

A private label manufacturer is a company that produces products on behalf of brands. The company does not own or sell the products directly to customers. The company provides development and manufacturing services that allow the clients to brand and sell them. Unlike wholesale manufacturers, private label manufacturers tailor products to specific clients and offer packaging and branding services like LOGO and package development. Cosmetic or facial product companies are known for hiring wholesale facial products manufacturers. This post focuses on the services offered by private label facial products manufacturers.

Private label facial products manufacturer services

Below are some of the standard services you can expect from a private label facial products manufacturer;

1. Product formulation

When you approach a private label company, you need to have an idea or a vision for the product you need. The company will consider your idea and help you develop a product formula. Most private label companies in the facial product or cosmetics industry have thousands of stock formulas in their catalog. This way, they can choose a formula for you depending on your idea or needs. Therefore, the formulation process does not take a long time.

2. Sample production

After developing the formula, the company will produce a sample. The sample turnaround takes around three days. Therefore, you will receive a customized sample for your approval in three days’ time.

3. Order confirmation and production

After testing and approving the sample, the next step is up to you. When placing an order, you must consider the MOQ. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is the minimum amount of products you can order at once. The MOQ may differ from one private label company to the next. Once your order has been confirmed, the company will produce the products depending on the agreed-upon formulation and quantity.

4. Logo and packaging design

A full-service private label facial products manufacturer also offers branding services. The company will provide a team to help you develop your logo or refine your idea. They will also help you develop custom packaging for your products. The packaging is a significant part of branding in the cosmetics industry, affecting your success.

5. Shipping and warehousing

All private label facial companies offer shipping services for the complete products. However, only a few offer warehousing services. The best full-service companies will provide storage services for your products if you cannot receive them all at once. This is also beneficial because you do not have to wait for the products to sell out before placing another order. You can count on a steady flow of stock as all you need to do is request the product to get shipped.

Final word

Working with a private label company is highly beneficial. The company allows you to get into the cosmetics industry without putting in too much work. All you need is a passion and an idea, and the company will help you achieve them. You do not have to disclose to clients that you work with a white label company as all products will carry your brand logo and label. Outsourcing the heavy work to a private label company will also allow you to focus on the corporate part of running a business.

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